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Added: 21.09.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: Bl4ckSh33p
Country: USA

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This is my other mod...Scored this laptop for 180 bucks and loaded it with linux.

Its a sony pcg-505fx with the Sh33p carved in (with a dremel). Uses the back of the laptops screen to light up the logo.


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Rating: 2.78 - Votes: 9

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OzFinn29.05.2006 13:36
yeah doesnt look good as youve enlargened it but well done

Quicki19.03.2006 12:42
Awfull, i think you don't deserve a laptop...

ekto13.02.2006 17:09
this looks fake. full view and look at the underline, notice the pixelation along the bottom of the line? This si exactly ahy hapens in photoshop when u stretch something too much.

silent_guardian13.02.2006 17:05
Sure, nice idea... but... it's a Vaio! That's like carving up a PowerBook!

If it was some random Inspiron notebook then sure, but NOT A VAIO!


jill14.02.2004 00:42
wtf... haha someone used my SN on here. its okay, man- i forgive you

ZeroCool05.12.2003 01:11
That mod is nice but i have seen it before.. inspired by mac or maybe HACKERS well n e ways if you like that alot you should check out they have a nice user group and are working on alot of diffrent really cool laptop and pda specific mods :D late

JyriK30.09.2003 00:05
aaaaaaarrrggggghhh... just ruined a nice laptop.

EpoXXy26.09.2003 11:57
Get me one of those laptops =)

bL4cK l@l3El23.09.2003 09:15
that sucks!!!!!!!(it's gud though)=)

Submission23.09.2003 08:31
thats no different from the ibook! ewwwwww!!
Anyways thats tight, Id do that if i get a laptop. Smart yo.

ANDtheREWster22.09.2003 10:00
berks told me to go here and leave a comment.

GRToRN22.09.2003 09:59
pretty nice scott.

bobthelawyer123422.09.2003 09:59
thats a nice ass laptop.

aloha everyone here22.09.2003 09:43
wassup!!!! How y'all doing, I'm doing fine. I would just like to say, ALOHA!!!!

pRIncESsAdRie2922.09.2003 09:39
nice scott, i never new that u were so artistic. Why did u write sh33p?

Bl4ckSh33p22.09.2003 09:34
*Thanks Chris* for the laptop

C0unT312p4q22.09.2003 09:34
Wow!!! this is the best mod i have ever seen how the hell did u think of that!!! Sweet i gotta try that shit out man ur like the best modder ever, ur my hero!!!