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Added: 28.09.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: WooE
Country: Sweden

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I love my GeForce2mx-card =)

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Rating: 2.13 - Votes: 15

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donjuan.06.10.2006 20:25
hahaha. this gave
me inspiration for a
tower keychain.

*anonymous*10.03.2006 22:03
ahahahhahahahahaha :DDD hyvää kuittailua niille ainaisille muistikampa avaimenperille D:DD

Deegaa08.11.2005 19:00
Siis!?:o, Mitä Järkee!?

Sciatic23.06.2004 19:34
You must have big pockets? :)

pieru22.10.2003 20:58
tälläset on niinq turhia

jester02.10.2003 13:59
If those keys work ill give u 12 bux plus shiping

Im joking

jaguarking1102.10.2003 06:30
If that card works ill give u 10 bux plus shiping

Im serious

gearface02.10.2003 05:01
true you have some good ideas. the best place for keys really, is hangout out the ignition of a sweet rally car though.

ii01.10.2003 09:21
r u sure about that?

gearface01.10.2003 04:13
guys guys guys. stop trying so hard. no one will ever beat my motherboard key chain mod. check the galleries

Qballcious01.10.2003 02:57
BEan - baybe not a Geforce but an old school ISA full length EGA card. Heheh

Ketku30.09.2003 15:37
HAHA. Eiköhän noita ole jo nähty.

BEan30.09.2003 05:35
this keychain thing has gone to far. No one will keep a geforce card in thier pocket.

An@rchy30.09.2003 02:48
Peltier to the MAAAX!!!

Qballcious29.09.2003 23:32
philo relax it's a $20 card. Funny shi* hehe. gonna have to add a plexi window to your pocket and perhapse a blowhole to keep that keychain from overheating during those long walks. hehehe

philo29.09.2003 22:52
i love my video card too much to carry it around like that, i'd be afraid it'd get busted or scratched

Jipa29.09.2003 20:17
big pockets, but beware for pickpockets ;)

prout29.09.2003 17:54
what's new ?

wasp_29.09.2003 17:44
At least I haven't got that big pockets...

An@rchy29.09.2003 14:02
Just as long as u didn't say can opener ;)

Mikki29.09.2003 12:07
Juki hei, se on ruattalaanen :) Ei siinä voi olla järkee. But by the way, what's that bottle opener ? I have seen one of those... I dunno if bottle opener is the right word but I think you get the point :)

Juki29.09.2003 11:59
Hei haloo?! Onks järkee vai ei..

An@rchy29.09.2003 10:10
Lol. Just walk past your pocket and YoinK!

T-fub29.09.2003 08:47
Hope you have big pockets...