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Added: 01.10.2003
Single case mods
Owner: mjk110
Country: Finland
WWW: http://-

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This is my first screw mod. Nice?

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Rating: 1.86 - Votes: 21

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crash210808.11.2004 15:18
It's dice, not dices, not dies. Do you say geeses?

wuaij24.02.2004 10:24
I dont understand whats so nice with dices on the thumbscrews, looks really lol!?

mjk11006.10.2003 09:45
I have also black and blue dies. but they are somewhere. i don't know where.

ii06.10.2003 09:43
Green is my favorite. She likes yellow.

mjk11006.10.2003 08:12
joo on puuta. ei tarttenu työstää ollenkaan. laitoin vaan vähäsen super epoxia ja annoin kuivua vuorokauden.

DarthBender06.10.2003 00:00
Qballcious- it's dice.. singular: die, plural: dice

if it looks better than before the mod, it's good and that looks better than regular screws ;)

Qballcious05.10.2003 09:37
hacnslash- you sure it's not die instead of "dies" or "dices"?

RETRO04.10.2003 15:28
onko noi puuta?,varmaan helpompaa työstäää ku noi mitä japala käytti :).

BEan03.10.2003 17:06
IF my case mods had a board game theme to it then i would put dice on the screws. This mods is a little bit too easy

AK03.10.2003 16:59
Nice :)

mjk11003.10.2003 14:16
if you don't like my mod, it's OK! but it's my mod and that's it!! and i like it

X@####03.10.2003 13:25
Very ugly...

crash03.10.2003 05:54
and why have them hold the psu in, unless ur constantly blowing it, and it needs to be changed. the point of those screws is easy access. it would be better on the door instead of the psu.

hacnslash02.10.2003 22:39
its dies, not dices.

oh, and yeah it does help when you wanna open it up but there's no screwdriver lying around!!!

BluDud302.10.2003 15:57
I see no point, it looks like poop and it does nothing to help the computer except get in the way.

Japala .:admin02.10.2003 15:01
Experimenting with new variations and that is a good thing.

Nado02.10.2003 13:40
aaw, ugly... but if u like it, be happy =D

mjk11002.10.2003 11:09
i found those wood dices. my other dices are somewhere, i don't know where

Neme^02.10.2003 09:09
Not nice. Who the h*ll wants 4 old wood-dices in hes case?! Man thats should had even 4 of same colour or something...jesus.