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Added: 01.10.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: ToMBa
Country: Sweden

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Just wanted to do something diffrent, then I found this old 50x50 fan. I took it out of it´s case and drilled a little hole in one of the blades.

It works just great, it hooks up to just everything in my pocket.

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Rating: 2 - Votes: 4

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*anonymous*12.10.2003 00:49
I ment "summer" sorry...

Belphegor12.10.2003 00:47
Good for summr days... :)

N504.10.2003 11:16
finally an origional keychain

Fast12803.10.2003 21:06
I prefeer single CPU or GPUs... more confortable

Falkra03.10.2003 17:54
Ready for pocket cooling ! :D

huoh...03.10.2003 13:24
eikö tolla FLD:llä oo muuta tekemistä ku valittaa aina :(
btw, ei oo kovin kummonen modi... lähempänä "modi"

FLD02.10.2003 20:06
raapii taskun paskaks ja siivet katkee + on ruma ;)

toMBa02.10.2003 16:53
Toften: no, I´ve been carrying it around for about 2 month now and there haven´t been any broken wings yet :-)

ii02.10.2003 15:24
nice :)

Nado02.10.2003 13:39
lol... that's almost better than the gf2mx some posts b4 u...

Toften02.10.2003 12:39
ehh... well, it is nice. but, won't those tiny fan-wings break off?