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Added: 02.10.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: An@rchy
Country: Australia
WWW: http://n/a

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Well I saw this mod done previously in this modgallery, so I thought why shouldn't I pull apart my old 500mb HD and turn it into a clock? Firstly I got a clock that I didn't think looked very good and pulled it all apart. Then after that, I took the dangerous journey into the harddrive. I took out the disks then I pulled apart the motor. I got the bit in the middle of the faceplate from the motor. It was originally used to hold the platters onto the motor, so why not use it to hold one platter onto the clock? Anyway, there was this hole in the back of the metal case where the motor used to be. I placed the clock in there, then put the back chip-board, back on. But to my dismay, the back wouldn't fit with the clock adjusters still on, so I drilled holes (shown in my 2nd pic). Well for the stand, I've used my old 16Mb Ram stick from my 486 (from which my HD came from aswel :P). Unfortunately I can't get the alarm to work with the back chip-board on, although it would just be wasting battery power. I sandwidged the clock to the platter + the platter to the frontmetal thingy with liquid cement. Bit messy, but it works :) After that I cleaned up the platters and I had a kick-ass clock! Damn those harddrive platters are hard to clean :D All in all, a fun transformation of something useless to something a bit more useful!

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djmiki15.01.2007 13:36
ugly disk but good idea also is nice CD clock

b00b26.06.2004 12:43

An@rchy08.10.2003 10:37
hehe... I guess you could do that, ModK1la, although I don't really like the idea of that. It crossed my mind earlier on in the process that I wouldn't fancy keeping it attatched to the computer, let alone having my whole computer on 24/7. Also, I didn't destroy the hard drive, nor the clock. What could you do with a 5000RPM 1gig compressed harddrive from the late-paleolothamic period? Also, I didn't exactly destroy the clock. And finally, No, I am not crazy. I don't live in the gutter.

Flewdefur06.10.2003 04:21
great mod to do if you fail at your HD window!

Zibi05.10.2003 10:56
@ Td_moddkiller

maybe because he isn't going to hook up the harddrive because he drilled holes in it and using it for power wouldn't work.

Td_MOddKiller05.10.2003 03:25
What big sh!t destroyng an hard-drive and a clock.
You are crazy.
Why you dont connect clock to the molex 5v conector+resisntence to dont need t change the clock battery

N504.10.2003 11:22
nicest one i've seen. looks good.

*anonymous*03.10.2003 17:53
Nice job.
To BEan, sure, but better make it yourself.

An@rchy03.10.2003 03:19

BEan02.10.2003 16:33
I ment: I think they SELL premade ones on

BEan02.10.2003 16:32
I think they see premade ones at, nice job

jonas02.10.2003 16:19
maybe if you have i veryyy big pocket!

An@rchy02.10.2003 13:57
You want me to make a keyring out of it?

mjk11002.10.2003 11:45
that's nice

ii02.10.2003 10:53