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Added: 03.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: yodasarmpit
Country: United Kingdom

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Started life out as an Antec PlusView 1000AMG, but after seeing what could be done with this type of case over at I decided to do some moddage myself.

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Rating: 3.26 - Votes: 27

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kilpikon312.10.2005 20:03
I dont like that you have ripped off the entire front panel.

*anonymous*04.07.2005 15:53
I love the metallic blue look of your case. Excellent work. now if only I had the guts to mod my case!

J0rN18.02.2004 16:25
nätti kun sika pienenä

Xerus13.01.2004 01:27

You dont see many of those around, just random colored ugly things.

Good job.

Inferno28.10.2003 21:35
fckin nice, give me lot of ideas, thx ;)

LocoPup15.10.2003 08:38
Mean and clean without being obscene!! Killer colors.. I see the attention to detail.. Awesome job!
If curious.. You can find mine under Matthew, the silver&black pc with mini cd art on page 2 at the moment.

yodasarmpit04.10.2003 00:00
hoh : just didnt have any pick with the side panel on.
Im in the middle of replacing the side window.

Hevari/KlaZaA03.10.2003 22:27

hoh03.10.2003 20:12
no sidepanel with a window? dont tell me u havent got any intake fans and use your system like that , without the sidepanel;K

Falkra03.10.2003 17:51
Very nice job, the colours look fantastic. Congratulations !

Bean03.10.2003 17:08
i wonder what the case look like before you modded it.

Grimlord03.10.2003 16:48
WOW! Briliant!!!

Me also likes the steel-blue effect!

Good job!

An@rchy03.10.2003 13:53
That's purty - i love the steel-blue effect

ii03.10.2003 09:58