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Added: 04.10.2003
Owner: Montana
Country: Argentina

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Keyboard BTC!!!

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Rating: 3 - Votes: 11

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BoogeyMan11.03.2005 06:30
What The-.... 3/5

bubba15.10.2003 22:30
I'm sorry this is the good site, check it out

bubba15.10.2003 22:29 this site offers some keyboards with backlight... w00000t!!

Zilch11.10.2003 12:44
How much did you pay for that! I really gotta get that cind of keyboard!!!

MONTANA10.10.2003 06:40
Hello! Thanks For Comments. This is a BTC Keyboard =

Stevydoos09.10.2003 15:50
COOL! A mod which bends the environment to your modding needs. Love it!
Nice keyboard btw.

Gigamike07.10.2003 20:56
beware, he has a printer from Hewlett Packard

hmboy07.10.2003 19:08
Hey what make/model keyboard is that? it looks really cool! I have a similar pc desk i might just do that!

Bobd31407.10.2003 01:08
ummm, ok well.... it's a blue light above a keyboard, woop d freakin do

masa06.10.2003 21:17
Is that logitech or what... could sum1 tell me where can i have one :D...

DarthBender06.10.2003 11:24
hehe, myself I wonder why ppl even NEED kb lights when u don't even hafta look at the kb to type :)

Qballcious05.10.2003 09:33
I've had a flourecent bulb mounted behind/above my keyboard tray for 2 years now. very handy for night time typing. (like now)

I'd like to see some backlit keys. Not just EL wire run behind the buttons but actual light shining through the buttons. that'd be cool.

splinter_cell04.10.2003 15:55
What the hell is that thing in the middl of the keyboard. is it a laptop style track stick?

RETRO04.10.2003 15:26
nice :)

An@rchy04.10.2003 12:15
...I don't have a keyboard light....

Nado04.10.2003 11:49
why the hell is THIS a mod?
LEDs over the keyboard, wow....
every fool can do so... put them IN the keyboard, then it'll be a mod!

Jaguarking1104.10.2003 07:12
Its a nice mod. But the keyboard light have been overdone. Everyone has a keyboard lite now. Can some one come up with something more original. By the way ur case sux. Its just nasty. (from your previous Post)

An@rchy04.10.2003 03:56
Hmm. Looks a bit like a double post to me. Maybe a half double post.