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Added: 04.10.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: Vekku
Country: Finland

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I made this mod in the spring of 1999.

I did get external floppydrive for Amstrad PC. Becouse I did not have Amstrad PC I made cdplayer from floppydrive case and slow CD-rom drive. Powersupply is from Liteon Jaz drive.

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Rating: 2.67 - Votes: 6

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xganterx11.03.2006 11:23
minkä värisiin johtoihin pitä liitää tuo composiitti liitin ? onko se silleen että musta ja valkonen / punanen ja keltanen ?????

cubbox22.02.2005 00:48
you plug it into an amp and put a cd in and it plays it for you, very nice :-P

wayne23.11.2003 04:28
i dont understand what its for...did u make it as a cdplayer for music and where does the wires connect to?

V3l022.11.2003 11:04
Altoygh I'm not the author of this mod, I can recommend a way to get +12 and +5 volts aut of a 12Volts transformer:
Use the 7805 voltage limiter (heatsinked, or it'll go up in flames :)) ) and the 7812 (also heatsinked). The datasheets can be found by searching them on google.

fla07.10.2003 16:31
i am doing about the same thingy.But how did you get +5 and +12 volts? email:

ii06.10.2003 08:51
nice. i have one too. mine is with AT-PSU so not as small as yours.

An@rchy05.10.2003 04:01
A working and fully equipped 1986 model Amstrad??!

sw05.10.2003 01:20

AK04.10.2003 16:44
I have one fully equipped Amstrad PC, but I don't have an external floppy drive. And a second Amstrad PC unit is broken, I'm keeping it as a "sparepart" machine. :)
Anyway, nice mod!

An@rchy04.10.2003 12:14
Whoa that's cool! Bit beefy, but cool!

N504.10.2003 11:24
a great second life for that old drive