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Added: 04.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: Submission
Country: USA

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This is the JIB productions editing machine. Its as follows: 1.4 ghz T-Bird, 768 SDRam, Evercool CUD-725 Heatsink, 15/60 GB hds, SBL, MSI GF4 ti4200, IWILL kk266plus, and True Power Antec 480watt.
It may be a little old, but it packs a punch!
- MODs: Blue ice mouse, Luminated Temp monitor, Blue VGA turbo cooler, Sound Dampening, Blue CCFL, Sunbeam Rheobus, a Case Window, HD Activity JIB logo, VU Stereo sound meter, Dual fan intake, Cable Wraps, Led Window Craving, 92mm exhaust fan replacement (80mm before), Arctic Silver, and a homemade passive chipset cooler, and 3 control switches.
Overall I had fun for the weeks I spent making these mods. Thx Japala for all the inspirations and crasy ideas :)
Go to my website to see more case pics.

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Rating: 2.94 - Votes: 16

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Submission22.01.2004 06:08
I dont like LED fans, i think they're too generic. Besides, I like silence over looks.
But thx anyways, my favorite part is the JIB logo with HD indication.

Dezmo16.12.2003 17:31
Nice case ;) If you change that normal fan to LED-fan then thats very beautifull... Paint little bit inside, some nice color... But, nice job :)

Submission24.11.2003 03:42
Hey Crazy, i tired it out. Turning around the fan that is. Well if its not any worst, its about the same. I think its a little noiser, but its not a bad idea.

Submission23.11.2003 09:57
thats really intersting, reversing the fan huh.
I bet your right too, but i may cause alot of turbulance.
And thx, I favorite mods were the HD JIB logo and the UV meter.

Craz¥31.10.2003 15:03
with such large fans sucking air out of the cpu area, you sould really think about reversing that cpu fan - the hot air would be fastly thrown away from the case. I've seen a server this way - a 1.4ghz P III. the CPU fand pull the air, instead of pushing.

BTW, cool mod!

*anonymous*05.10.2003 23:17
tharts nice

An@rchy05.10.2003 02:33

submission04.10.2003 17:21
Thx guys, but don't you think the cables are neat? No open wires are exposed, they're all wrapped or bundled.
Anyways, your right about the JIB logo. It luminates bright red when the HD goes off. I even have a switch which allows my to return the HD led to the front of the case.
Go to my website, I posted new pictures. Including a Night shot ;)

An@rchy04.10.2003 12:12
Beautiful, although keep the cables neat! Also, would would be cool is if you could shine some LEDs onto your JIB logo? You know, make it stand out from the gray case. It looks like you might have already done that, although not switched it on. All in all, EXCELLENT! I want some night pics!!

Nado04.10.2003 11:46
i love this mod...
genius windows, the idea with the small one is great...
everything made with so much love...
but do something with all your cables, it's a mess!