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Added: 05.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: ElmoGod
Country: USA

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My first case mod.
Generic Case painted gloss black w/ fan holes cut with dremel
Athlon XP 2000+ @ 1.67ghz
ECS Ks75a Pro Mobo
768 pc133 sdram
Maxtor 30gb 72000rpm hdd
Maxtor 120gb 72000rpm hdd
Acer 24x CD-RW
Generic DVD and Floppy drive
ATI Radeon Atlantis 9100 Pro w/ 128mb DDR
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0

Custom cooling system includes:
2x 80mm intake fans in front
2x 92mm intake fans on side
1x 92mm exhaust fan in bottom back
1x 80mm exhaust fan in back
1x ?mm blowoff card above vid card
1x 120mm exhaust fan on top
Cold Air intake duct over CPU
Dust filters over all intake ducts and fans
Combined total system airflow of apprx. 130cfpm
All fans and cables secured with twisty ties

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Rating: 2.6 - Votes: 5

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ElmoGod07.10.2003 03:12
actually im kinda used to the noise, so its not really loud to me anymore. the cpu fan has a controller so i can turn it down, thats the noisiest fan. but it keeps it cool :)

Falkra06.10.2003 10:37
Fans fans fans, won't it be too noisy ? Helicopter mods are a bit loud, if you get a rheobus or any fan controller, it will be perfect. Good cable cleaning.

Neme^06.10.2003 10:05
Hmm, ad some more fans, there aint enuff of em. lol. must be one noisy sob. :D