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Added: 05.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: Matthew
Country: USA

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My first build..

Powmax case with a 400 watt PS. A Gigabyte K7 Triton MB, WD 60.0GB/ 7200 hard drive, AMD Athlon XP 2200+CPU with AMD fan, PNY 512 PC 2100 memory and a cold cathode blacklight. If you squint hard, you can see my paper clip wire looms!!!
PCI cards include Pinnacle TV with remote, Adaptec Firewire, AOpen 56K modem and a PNY GeForce FX 5200 Verto 128 MB DDR videocard.
I brought out the right side of the case with aluminum to make room for an internal Aiptek VGA pencam and LabTec mic. The mic is the little black dot that you see near the top of the case corner. I left the silver cover off, so you can see it. I cut a window in the case cover and installed a green cold cathode light to show off my mini CD art.
Out front is an angled piece of mirrored plexiglass that the pencam hides behind. You can see the keyboard reflecting in it. A TDK indiDVD+ burner, CD-RW 52x24x52x CD-Rom, Artec 16x DVD-Rom, Enlight 6 in 1 internal card reader, 1.44MB floppy disk drive and a PC Toys fan control/temp display.
Up top is a Maxtor 80.0GB/ 7200 external hard drive that's housed under a custom made cover that used to be a piece of flat steel from a filing cabinet and yellow clipboard. I left the back open so the hard drive can be quickly removed for transport. The mini dome on top has a TV remote control sensor housed in it.
The front bottom has a flip down cover that hides USB 2.0, mic, line, speaker and analog connectors.
Out back is my concept of cable management using a piece of aluminum and a buncha screws!!!! A telescoping antenna that is housed next to the PCI slots is for the TV.
Last but not least is my custom LED CD-Rom Fan and matching CD-Rom picture holder using a CD case.. ^5's... Matthew

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 114

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Heatsink Burns23.08.2004 02:21
TAKE IT TO THE HOSPITAL, BECAUSE THAT IS SICK! And that's just your first build? You, sir, are a professional. You could make a killing building and selling these.

pom11.04.2004 21:10
now 5points

pom25.03.2004 11:06
ärgh, I gived 1point in accident sorry, when I goto home I will open my computer and give you 5points. right now I in school.

pom25.03.2004 11:03
good work I think

Ratman02.03.2004 22:48
one of the bests mods at this gallery. U really worked hard on it, and a lot of mods. i like that :D it´s worth 5 points.

Nado15.10.2003 13:54
looks cool... though, there are too many mods, i think... that makes it a bit confusing. but really nice job! i can see u worked hard!

Itikka13.10.2003 12:11
That LCD is awsome and those cd-rom piles looks great too. Where that CD-rom-pile-fan get the power? I dont see any cable coming. But I really like this one. (maybe I say this for all cases that have UV-light)

Quile12.10.2003 20:04
cool one

AEdwards09.10.2003 01:55
This is a very proffessional mod. I usually skip over anything that was done professionaly (by a company) and I nearly skipped over yours. You took many well used ideas and made them look very professional. Good work.

*anonymous*09.10.2003 00:23
looks very professional
like you were comissioned to do it or something

Hevari/KlaZaA08.10.2003 23:48
On the "beyond" -level :D

LocoPup08.10.2003 17:23
The black tray with the glowing yellow/green stripe in the bottom of the case is a plastic clipboard. I used a torch to bend it, then painted everything except the edge. The pink around the PCI cards are neon string that I glued. The blue wire coverings were bought from an auto store. I shaped paperclips into wire looms, then bolted them to the case. I didn't cover the braided wires because I liked seeing them.
I did glue the CD's together but the fan is not battery powered. Look close, you can see the 12 volt transformer wire that plugs in the wall.
The left side of the case has a cold cathode blacklight and a led fan. The right has a green cold cathode light for the mini CD art.
The top cover on the PC used to be a flat piece of steel from the back of a filing cabinet. I cut, hammered,welded then painted. The window in it is the other half of that plastic clipboard.
I appreciate the comments and interest!! ^5's

Waingro08.10.2003 11:09
pretty coo00l..

VampNslayer08.10.2003 00:01
Hey , I used those blue wire loom cases on my pc in a previous posting. Found them in automotive section at wallmart for wiring car stereos. I like the tidyness of it. You use a UV pen ? COuld have went with UV rounded cables and used the blue loom you have to cover the power cables like I did to make it even cleaner looking. Did you glue all those CDs together for the fan mod and hollow it out with a battery under it ? would be nice to see that mod by itself !

LocoPup07.10.2003 00:04
n3rd.. I love this board.. It's rock stable and comes with overclocking software in the bundle.. It was inexpensive and does what I need it to do.. CPU is overclocked from 1.8 to 1.9.... You can DL the same software from Gigabyte.. It is called EasyTuner4.. Use extreme caution when overclocking, If you push to far it will kill your PC!!!
I appreciate the feedback and thoughts from everyone..

drinn06.10.2003 16:27
heh, that is nice. :)

Olli06.10.2003 11:19
I agreen thats COOL :-O

Falkra06.10.2003 10:35
Sweet !

n3rd06.10.2003 02:51
nice work! :) how does the motherboard run is it good?

ii06.10.2003 00:07