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Added: 06.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: ElmoGod
Country: USA

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Computer thrown together from old parts. Specs as follows:
AMD K6-2 @ 300mhz
192mb PC100 ram
1x western digital 20gb hdd
1x maxtor 10gb hdd
1x maxtor 3gb hdd
1x fujitsu 2gb hdd
generic 48x cdrom and floppy
nvidia tnt2 32mb agp vid card
2x netgear 10/100 lan cards
diamond mx400 monster sound
normally runs damn small linux from the cd, or in rare cases will run windows xp. it got an 11-second boot time running windows 2003 server.
ps: those are old crappy heatsinks on the hard drives, they actually make a difference.

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Rating: 2.57 - Votes: 28

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Mike29.12.2004 03:58
Looks like an old pizza box to me. :D :D :D 5/5 for originality (Using a pizza box instead of an old ordinary box).

Mjolnir18.11.2004 22:50
When I hate a computer so much, that I would do something like this to it, I normally just take it out into a field and use it for target practice... What did it ever do to you, do deserve such a punishment?
No effort, no thought, no design, no way... 1/5

Zim File08.06.2004 19:47
Let's buy some harware and put it all together and tell eryone you have modded your case, but.. there's no case. Maybe buy one and come back later

pom25.03.2004 11:02
sorry. but this mod is very bad i give you 1point

Sir Lufthansa23.03.2004 10:22
Now that's sum dirrrty modding, nice!

Jake-01.02.2004 21:15
nooo, give me a break, dude!!! it`s horrible! =D

kevinb18.11.2003 00:55
how do you have 5 ide devices?? 4 hard drives and 1 cd drive there must be scsi in there some where

PurrNaK31.10.2003 22:51
Did you hang this thing on your wall to run a webpage or something?

jesper h13.10.2003 17:53
LOL, a comp that just doesn't want to die...

Wouldn't be my first choise, but it's server you can hide anywhere (under your bed like stuff you've bought off tv-shops)

ElmoGod10.10.2003 15:32
The 11 seconds was counted from the end of the memory count to a useable login screen on windows server 2003 standard rc1. if i included the POST and memory count, it would take like 2 minutes =P

mest lel..10.10.2003 15:15
how can it have a boottime on 11 sec?? its a fucking 300mzh and its like 35 gig HD's.. pretty cool

Falkra07.10.2003 22:17
Mess = no mod

Fast12807.10.2003 21:14
u know how to make it become great mod? put it on the roof, will look great :>

ElmoGod07.10.2003 05:41
i just finished transfering that computer into a case made entirely from k'nex, so my next post will be that computer u see above, but in a "case"

jharsh07.10.2003 05:21

Not a bad system but you need to present it better (ie. PUT IT IN A CASE).

banjodeathmoddermonk07.10.2003 04:42
frankly i wouldnt mind having the spare parts to do that... kudos my comrade kudos

ElmoGod07.10.2003 03:14
yes actually it works quite well. im working on moving it to a case made of k'nex

n3rd07.10.2003 02:18
looks like some ronchy pussy if you ask me! only if you ask!

An@rchy07.10.2003 01:27
Dear God - KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!

Bobd31407.10.2003 01:05
THATS BAD ASS DUDE!!! BEST MOD IVE SEEN (I hope you know im kidding). Well outa all the mods where the comp is taped to something that's about the best one.

*anonymous*06.10.2003 23:36

splinter_cell06.10.2003 23:28

P1S5hEad06.10.2003 23:26
did you forget the case??

phreak06.10.2003 23:23
remind me what this is again.....?????

g@ylord06.10.2003 23:21
is there someone who looks after you?

Weirdo06.10.2003 21:52
That is nice! Its looks like a Bomb have BANGED it all up and u tryed to fix it with Duct tape lol!

race06.10.2003 20:17
is this a mod???

gibb3h06.10.2003 18:41
lol ,that really is as ugly as hell D:

Nado06.10.2003 17:22
no need for fans =D
it has fresh air all the time ;)

Cooky06.10.2003 17:12
Damn your wierd !

AzsaZ06.10.2003 17:11
Yo dude, it's a very euh....sick, but it rulez :-D

Austin06.10.2003 14:54
Hahahaha! Duct tape fixes everything!

But I assume it works, right? That's quite a feat if it does.