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Added: 07.10.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: Mr Gamba
Country: Netherlands

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This is my second mod.
It's a cdromwindow mod.
And it is quite nice.
I made it in under 2 hours.
I first cut out the circle with my Dremel and then i put the plexiglass behind it.
The leds (red) are conected parallel and soldered directly to the molex plug connector.
I'm sorry i can't show you the way it glows because i have a crappy webcam which doesn't take pictures in the dark. :(

But i can tell you it sure is cool.

The only this i have to do is paint it but i don't know which color. (Have any ideas tell me).

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Rating: 3.44 - Votes: 9

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Aaron16.01.2004 22:34
This is a very nice mod... but I have particular praise for you for showing how to wire the LED's to a power source. Now... I need to get some LED's...

TAG"07.12.2003 07:02
I Seeeeriously doubt that the radioation emited from the laser emits that much radiation if it did the they wouldnt make portable cd players and some portable cd playerd have clear tops os you can see the cd spin this is no different.
learn to type in ENGLISH before slamming some one elses cool mod. A$$ hat!!

V3l022.11.2003 10:53
Have you ever hear about radiations? Abot the fact that a laser device such as DVD, CD-rom, CD-RW should not be operated open? Well...I think that' what you have realised: a ghood way to ruin your eyes, grow a tail, get a hairi face, kids withs 3 tits...and, eventualy, you wil be a mod yourself, when you'll start glowing in the dark. Unfortunately you might glow green and not match with the red LED's... WHAT A WASTE!

velsku14.10.2003 13:20
I would NOT cut a window on a device that has a laser in it. Remember that the Class I classification applies only if if the device is operated as it was intended. There's propably a 5mW infra-red laser inside which is enough to cause eye damage, especially as it's non-visible light. "Do not look into laser with remaining good eye."

Ghetodrgn0414.10.2003 07:59
That would be awsome if it lit up and also if the face was clear or a chrome

Jaguarking1113.10.2003 03:46
Try blue (a dark blue)

An@rchy10.10.2003 00:31
Yea, I was thinking about that aswel, although I assumed you had a perspex case, but I dunno

crash09.10.2003 05:50
it looks great, but i dont understand what the point is for having a window for a cd drive when its put in the computer and covered, unless u got a top window but that would have to be a huge window to let ppl see it good enough.

An@rchy08.10.2003 14:03
I'd put in like UV leds, then stick in a cd with like fluro colours! The colours are like all around us, dood!

Mr Gamba08.10.2003 13:07
Nope ik heet geen remco

KinG AzsaZ08.10.2003 11:45
Eyo, ziet dr netjes uit, maarre, je heet toch geen remko of wel :-S ????

AzsaZ; Enschede

ii08.10.2003 10:49
nice. i suggest black. Black looks cool with red LEDs

An@rchy08.10.2003 10:23

Qballcious07.10.2003 23:37
If you do decide to polish it or grind and sand it to a high glossy chromelike finish then make sure to use automotive clear-coat to finish it off or it will tarnish.

Or use anodize paint. It makes it look like anodized aluminum. Looks really cool. comes in several colours.

Mr Gamba07.10.2003 23:31
Yes i know there are scratches bud i haven't polished it jet
But i first was to see how it looks polished. Meaby it looks cooler that way

VermilioN07.10.2003 22:38
You should get off scratches from cutted circle (or I'm blind :P). Color? Depends on your case color. But most popular are dark blue, red and black.
Always remember: "Practice makes You a master" :)