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Added: 09.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: drinn
Country: Finland

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This case is finally finished.
I bought Twin-set of blue cold cathodes and black UV cathodes and I just put them inside. Old green and red cold cathodes were removed from the case and I will sell those cathodes to my friend.. so new modded case is also coming. ;) Maybe in this weekend..

Also I bought 4 finger screw's (gold) and I arranged them to back of the case..
There you can find some pics about my case. :)

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.6 - Votes: 5

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sean015.01.2004 09:06

Haunt14.10.2003 14:25
Pretty good...

drinn11.10.2003 13:14
KlaZaA, otin sen kokonaa pois enkä tuu laittaa takas. :)

KlaZaA11.10.2003 11:08
Kato rinni saanu valmiiks. Mitäs clowstringille tapahtu? :P uv on ihan ok.

eserp10.10.2003 21:49
Tylsä perusmodi. Näitä mahtuu tusinaan 13.

min10.10.2003 21:37
Karsisit pois kotisivuiltasi nuo epäonnistuneet kuvat. Ne on aivan turhia.
Ja kyllä, kannattaa vaihtaa tuon katodin paikkaa. On nimittäin nyt aika kauheassa paikassa.

Neme^10.10.2003 14:27

nutter10.10.2003 11:56
cool thing:-) i will try to do it too

mjk11010.10.2003 11:02
Erittäin hienon näköinen

wreck10.10.2003 00:53
Mmm the ccfl shouldn't bee visionable otherwise nice one

Nado09.10.2003 21:29
the position of the ccfl sucks. put it sumwhere, where u cant see it directly. but cool mod at all.

n3rd09.10.2003 19:59
nice! g2g im in school cant get caught.