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! Only images in JPG format and file size must be under 200KB and less or equal of 1600x1200. Images will be resized to 640 pixels wide once uploaded. All html tags will be stripped from the text.

Also, upload only finished projects! No need to show your mod in every stage with multiple uploads.

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Category: Full Case
Mice, mousepads etc.
Single case mods
Other computer HW
Game Consoles
Mobile Phones / PDAs
Other hardware/devices
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Office and Desk shots.

Because of public demand, we are NOT ACCEPTING PREMODDED CASES! While they may look pretty with couple of CCFLs or leds they are not modded by yourself. We all can go and see those cases in manufacturer's site so there is no need to post them here. Perspective shot that shows both the front and the side together is preferred, but it is necessary to show both of them, even with separate pictures. Thank you.

Perhaps you have painted your keyboard or changed the leds etc., why not post it here?!

Section for anything mice related (the pointing device that is). Modded mouse pads, GlowPads, mice with windows, painted rodents etc. all belong here.

Single mods that you have made to your case. Made a blowhole, painted the case, made glowing feet for it etc.

Other computer related hardware like display adapters, cd/dvd-drives, monitors etc. that you might have modded.

Misc. devices that doesn't seem to fit other categories. Use only as last resort!

Game consoles and related. Painted the controller, added some lights to the memory card? Post all of them inside this category.

Added some more battery capacity to your mobile or inverted the screen of IPOD? These and all related should be posted here.

Mods-gone-bad, car mods and mods that turned out ok but are not ment to be taken too seriously. All this and related here please.

Pictures from your "work station". The place where you sit all day long playing games, chatting on the net etc. No mods needed in there shots, we just want to see your desk/room and setup in all its glory.

Text for the post. Use only English or Finnish!
! IF NO story or info is given, the post will be deleted! Tell about the mods in the post, not just specs for the machine!!

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