Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 14.10.2002
Manufacturer: BitsModding
Product group: Modding
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Bitsmodding's Multicolored CCFLs

Made a new case window? Need to light up the insides of the case? Bitsmodding has something for you. They recently introduced their line of multicolored Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. I received a couple of these for testing and here is my report of them.


Specifications for key components:

  • Brightness of CCFL: Over 18000 ± 3000 nt (cd/m2)
  • Average life: Over 15000 Hours
  • CCFL voltage: 570 ± 40 V
  • CCFL current: 3.5 mA
  • Power: 2.85 ± 0.30 W
  • Inverter input voltage: DC 12 volts
  • Available in many colors, list visible here.




Package content

Item: Explanation
Extension cable for the switch
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps
Self adhesive pads for CCFLs and double sided tape for the inverter
Washer (for measuring the hole for the switch)
Dual output inverter
Splitter power cable for inverter


Nice all-in-one kit. No need to go out and buy some additional stuff. Just plug it in and turn on the power. Really easy and simple.




Seld adhesive pads for CCFLs

Two of these are provided for each CCFL. Semitransparent material doesn't block the light so much and the tiers are thin enough so you can't really notice them when the light is on.


Dual output inverter

Inverter is somewhat similar in design as in Sunbeam's version. Hard case material makes the unit easy to handle and insulates the electronics inside from the case metal. Inverters generate heat and bitsmodding has dealt with it by drilling some holes in the casing.

Dual output doesn't mean that you have to buy two CCFLs. Think this as an added bonus. When you decide to buy mode lamps, you don't have to get another inverter. Usually two lamps are more than enough to light up the case so this dual output feature is quite usefull.



This is something that I like. Bitsmodding used pre-soldered switch in their last version and that made the installation pretty difficult. Now when you can detach the switch from the wiring, it is a lot easier to draw the lines where you like them to go etc. Good thinking Bitsmodding.


In Action



Kit ready to be inserted to the case. Switch can be placed quite freely because the wire is quite long but wires going to the CCFLs are quite short. Keep this in mind if you plan to place one lamp to the top part and other lamp to the bottom part of the case.


Turned on

Looking good. Yes, it's quite a messy inside my case but you get the idea. :) Light is really bright with two cathodes. Nice tri-color effect and should work great with bigger windowses and acrylic cases too.


Different models

I took this photo with faster shutter speed so the image doesn't get over exposured. This way the colors are closer to real. Two top cathodes are from Bitsmodding and two lower ones are from Sunbeam. Bitsmodding's blue color seems to be more pure but the red color is leaning a bit towards orange. Which one is the winner in overall brightness? Can't really tell, so I'll judge this as a tie.



Kit delivers what it promises. Easy installation and great colors. Hard casing for the inverter is great addition because there still are some manufacturers who like to sell their inverters with no protection. Easy to get the inverter fried or yourself electrocuted. Not with this product!


Pros and Cons

+ Really bright
+ Good pure colors
+ Inverter with two outputs
+ Hard casing for the inverter
+ Easy to install
+ CCFL covered with procetive acrylic tube


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