Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 28.10.2002
Manufacturer: Coolermaster
Product group: Modding
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Coolermaster Neon Led Fan TLF-R82

These days everything equipped with leds is a sure hit. This is also true with these fans which use leds to illuminate themselves. I received one of these fans from Coolermaster and now I'll tell you how it performed.



Size:80 x 80 x 25 mm
Rated Voltage:12 VDC
Bearing Type:Rifle bearing (patented)
Input Current:0.15 A
Rotation Speed:2500 RPM
Air flow:32.11 CFM
Acoustical Noise:25.0 dB(A)
Input Power:1.80 W
Life Expectance:50,000 hrs. Continuous at 25°C , 45~85% relative humidity.
Lights:Four blue leds on outer rim


What is interesting with these specifications is that this fan uses new patented rifle bearing. It is somewhat similar to sleeve bearing but gives better performance than sleeve or ball bearing. Acoustic noise being as low as 25 dB and with air flow of 32 CFM this fan really feels like a quality product.






What is inside?


Package contains fully transparent fan with three-pin power connector, Molex four-pin splitter cable and four black screws. By using the splitter cable you naturally lose possibility to use fan's RPM monitoring function but for most of us that is not a problem.




Thin wire

The fan itself is totally transparent. By using only one thin wire to connect the leds, Coolermaster ensured that you get the best lighting effect with nothing blocking the light. Leds are quite small but their brightness is more than enough to light up the fan. This also makes it easier to hide them to outer rim of the fan.


In Action


With power on


From inside the case





This fan looks really cool, it is quiet and pushes enough air to cool your system down. One thing to remember with this (basically all led fans) fan is that you shouldn't use it with baybus or rheobus. By lowering the voltage you will make the leds dimmer and if you lower it enough they will not light up at all. It is a good thing with this fan that is so silent that you can run it with full 12 volts and not get so much noise. As you can see from the images above, leds in this fan are easily bright enough to give really powerfull effect. This is definitely something that you have to have for your case if you have case window installed. :)


Pros and Cons

+ Really bright
+ Blue is cool
+ Silent
+ Splitter cable
+ Screws supplied

- No other color available at the moment
- No fan grill supplied

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